Happy Birthday to Leonardo Necas!

Happy Birthday Necas!All the best!Cheers!!!

Dancing Flame on Spotify

Dancing Flame band it’s available on digital platforms too. Get the full discography on Spotify on this link below. Dancing Flame on Spotify

“Fortress of Belief” video on Insane Voices Labirynth Web Site

The new Dancing Flame video, “Fortress of Belief”, it’s available now on italian web site Insane Voice Labirynth. Check out on this link below! WATCH HERE!

Dancing Flame Released New Video

Starting our activites in 2018, the video of “Fortress of Belief” is available now. The song is part of the album “Carnival of Flames”, and its lyrics bring a message of peace and hope; showing the acoustic side of the band. Check out the video on this link below!

R.I.P. Malcolm Young

A sad day to all of us. Our condolences to Malcolm’s family, bandmates and friends. R.I.P. Malcolm! Rock n Roll will never forget you!

Cangaço Radio Rock Compilation Now Available on YouTube

The compilation from Cangaço Radio Rock(Brazil), now it’s available for listening on YouTube. The compilation have thirteen Brazilian Metal Bands and the biggest names of brazilian metal like Salário Mínimo, Harppia, Metalmorphose. Dancing Flame appears with the song “Warrior’s Path” from the “Carnival of Flames” album. Tracklist: 01. Salário Mínimo – Fatos Reais 02. Metalmorphose – A Cobra Fumou 03. Harppia – Black Joe 04. Arandu Arakuaa – Nhandugûasu 05. PSD – Todo Mundo Pode […]